Black by Catherine Mackay Purves


Screenprint, Artist’s Proof.


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Born in Edinburgh, she moved to London to study at Central School of Art in 1980, and has run a studio at various locations in east London since graduating from college. With a background in fine art sculpture, Catherine was involved in designing and making sculptural lighting for several years, before resuming fine art practice in 1997. This practice has taken new directions, using both everyday and more unusual materials. Within the artwork is an ongoing interest in lost and unwanted spaces and objects: a fly-posted billboard with ripped images; a cityscape with graffiti tags on a wall; a shed clad with corrugated steel; old timber wharves on a shore.


‘Bringing these unnoticed and under-loved bits of the world around us to the foreground, the intent is to awaken latent memories in the viewer by using details of the morass of information and imagery that we all deal with every day. Often multiples of numbers or lettering are superimposed within the screen-prints, creating a mass of lines that is unreadable but also becomes a thing of its own – an intricate lacework of typeface. The overlaid imagery was first inspired from instances of technological faults or mechanical mishaps of the large format plotters used in architectural studios.’