Blanket Study 2 by Jayne Reich


30 x 40cm.


Purchasers please note that works may only be collected at the end of the exhibition.

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Jayne is showing new work after a break from painting to pursue writing, oral history projects and being a mum. Born in Texas, she grew up in Finland, the former Yugoslavia and Holland. Prior to working as a painter and teacher, she was a textile designer in New York City. She studied fine art at the University of Hertfordshire and Wimbledon School of Art.


‘I found a knitted blanket at a jumble sale and was mesmerised by the colour combination. The person who made the blanket had used colours I would not normally put together. Just as you can become tired of your own cooking, I was tired of my usual colours. This blanket was an opportunity for me to have to put colours down which were not usual to me, but still exciting and challenging. At the same time, I have been looking at the paintings of Bonnard and Vuillard, who layer colour, and I’ve been influenced by them in this work.’